Wish Granting Groups

The Power of a Wish

Children and adults with critical illness often lose hope and feel down. Dealing with their illness and treatment day after day becomes the main focus in their life.
A wish can be a powerful distraction from pain, sickness and treatment. A wish gives something to look forward to and creates happy memories. It also can strengthen the person, giving them motivation and hope to fight their battle.

What is Your Child’s Wish?

Wish granting groups can help your child reach a goal, have an adventure, and simply have a joyful experience.
A wish can be almost anything, and is most often something that is not easy for that person to do.
This page has links to wish-granting groups and resources that offer funds to grant a wish to children and adults with chronic illness and life-altering disabilities.
There are many groups that focus on helping children, but there are also some that help people over the age of 18.
  • Some groups grant wishes to children in specific regions, or for travel to certain destinations.
  • Other groups might focus on helping kids or adults with a certain health issue, like cystic fibrosis, cancer, or autism.
Whether the child or adult dreams of a fishing and camping trip, going to a theme park, or even a day spent at his or her dream job, groups listed in our database (linked below) can help their wish come true.
To arrange a wish for your loved one, contact a few groups to see if they are the right fit, and ask about their application process.


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